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Name: David Grice 7th Dan.
Position: Chairman Chief Instructor S.K.G.B
Training Since: 1960 in the martial arts.
Referee: Chief Referee S.K.G.B.
Club Location: Stockport
Contact Number: 0748 387 1089

Sensei D Grice has trained with top Japanese and English Instructors refereed many competitions all over the country and has had moderate successes all over the country C.S.K team third kumite North of england open team kumite 1979 going on to opened his Karate clubs in 1982. Sensei Grice is Enhanced D.B.S., Sports coach uk Safeguard and Protection Children, Equity in your coaching, First aid and emergence treatment of casualties, a club for all and Registered on the Stockport Instructors register.

If your school would like karate classes as part of its internal PE program And sports week during school time Sensei D Grice can help you. And will do his very best to support and assist you with your ideas or requirement.




Name: Michael Moore 4th Dan.
Position: Vice Chairman S.K.G.B.
Trained since: 1990.
Referee: S.K.L.J.
Club Location: Stockport

Mike Moore Started Training 1990 Attained first Dan 1993 Nidan 2003 Finalist north west open men's kumite Finalist in the cheshire invitational men's kumite Semi finalist twice in regional open both men's kumite. Trained with Sensei Grice and english and Japanese instructors over the years trained on various black and brown belt courses also with the england squad S.S.K Sensei M Moore is Enhanced C.R.B.