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Shikata Shotokan Karate Club


The first introduction session is free, come and join in and see if it is for you or your child. Then once you have decided it is right for you or your child it is just £3.00 per session

Why so reasonable? This is a not-for-profit community club, so nobody is making a living out of this.

All the fees go towards renting the dojo, insurance for all the instructors, free competitions, black and brown courses and all the courses that the instructors need to attend for safety and safeguarding of children.

Please be aware that Shotokan Karate is a demanding physical sport. It is the responsibility of the student or the students parents/guardian to ensure that they are fit enough to undertake the training. The instructors of Shikata Shotokan Karate are not qualified medical practitioners and if there is any doubt regarding the students fitness to take part then those concerns must be addressed to a doctor. If advised by a doctor not to train then that student should not train. If any approach is made to an instructor regarding an injury or disability that might make training a problem then the instructor will advise the student that until such time as stated that it is safe to train that student should not train. All medical questions should be addressed to qualified medical personnel and NOT to a club instructor. Having said all that it's a great way to keep fit and healthy.