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Sensei D Grice 7th Dan
Please be aware that Shotokan Karate is a demanding physical sport. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are fit enough to undertake the training. The instructors of Shikata Shotokan Karate clubs are not qualified medical practitioners and if there is any doubt regarding the students fitness to take part then those concerns must be addressed to a doctor if advice by a doctor not to train then that student should not train. If any approach is made to an instructor regarding an injury or disability that might make training a problem then the instructor will advice the student that until such time as states that it is safe to train that student should not train. All medical questions should be addressed to qualified medical personnel and NOT to a club instructor. This is a none profit making club
Welcome to Shikata Shotokan Karate club
Shikata Shotokan Karate is a not-for-profit Club.
Some shots of the students at the world championships J.S.K.A.
Sensei C Moore 4th Dan
Sensei M Moore 4th Dan
Dojo Kun

Seek Perfection Of Character ( Integrity )


Be Faithful ( Loyalty )


Always Endeaver ( Effort)


Respect Others (Etiquette )


Refrain From Violent Behaviour (Control )


Gichin Funakoshi

Every student will be given a grading Syilabus book welcoming them to the club

Beginners Section 9th kyu to 7th kyu

Intermediate Section 6th kyu to 4th kyu

Advanced Section 3rd kyu to 1st kyu.

A separate syilabus will be given out on the passing 1st kyu.


£3.00 Why so reasonable this is a not for profit community club nobody is making a living out of this club
All the money goes to Administration.  Licence books Renting of the dojo’s insurance for all the instructor free competitions free black and brown belt courses. And courses that the instructor need to attend. The instructors of the ssklj teach for free. This is one of the reasons that the fees are so reasonable. The club would be lost without the dedicator instructor for the ssklj.
The S.S.K.L.J will never be a rich club, but Shotokan is all the richer for clubs like the S.S.K.L.J.

Sensei D Grice 6th Dan jska.