Young people of Stockport Past and present

Mr G Eggington of Norbury parish church invited the Shikata Shotokan Karate to take part in an exhibition about the young people of Stockport to take place on the 8th and 9th of November. We were very pleased that our students supported this and came down to the event, we had a table and board where we displayed lots of photos of the Little Jag's class and various other items. The mayor of Stockport Pam King visited on the Saturday and spent quite a long time looking at our display and talking to the students about the karate and their experience, the mayor seemed to enjoy meeting the students and they really enjoyed meeting and chatting to her. The S.S.K. would like to thank the church for including us in this exhibition and look forward to participating in more events in the future .Sensei D Grice.


Some pics from the demo at the Hogg Roast Abney Hall Cheadle Saturday 03/05/2009
Some pictures of one of our junior instructors and Lucy also loves the gymnastics

Well done to lucy left of the picture at one of her competitions

2009 Floor and vault championships.

and lucy won 1st place on the vault

3rd place on the floor. and came 2nd overhaul

Well done from Sensei. D Grice ssk

Just some pics from the christmas party and I think that everybody there would agree that the party was full of fun and good christmas cheer once again Colette and Mike have done us well this christmas. Thanks from sensei for a good time. We look forward to next year. and thanks to father christmas for the presents.

Just some pictures from the All Saints Sport week Marple, well done to the children for taking part, Will be seeing you all very soon to work towards the schools comp all the best sensei D Grice
Some pictures from the Mayor of Stockport's Charity event at woodbank park Sensei M Moore C Moore and some of the children from the Little Jag's Shikata Shotokan Karate club Well done to all that took part. Thanks to Mike and colette, Sensei D Grice
Sensei M Moore 3rd Dan
Sensei C Moore 3rd Dan
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Pics from the Demo at the Hogg Roast Abney Hall Cheadle Sensei M Moore Sensei C Moore
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Ladies Self-defence course for the mums of offerton at the Dialstone centre. This course has now finished.
Some pics from the All Saints Sports week

Georgina presenting Sensei Grice with a thanks for his teaching of the children at the all Saint School Marple Sensei Grice would just like to say that the children of All Saint Are very well behaved and there teaches should be proud of them and just to finish thanks to Georgians mum for all here help all week

Lesley and the girls at the party
Dave Mike at the party
Some of the boys at the party
Over 18 party we all had a good time
Demo at Merc Maclesfied and self-defence for the ladies. 2004
Pictures from school demo
Some Pics from the easter games in the dojo 2016
Some pics from the kata course Jion 2017 with Sensei D Grice Sensei J Robins Sensei M Moore
Some pics from the kata course Hangetsu 2017 with Sensei D Grice Sensei J Robins Sensei M Moore
Pictures from the 26-03-2017 Black and brown belt course Kanku-Dai with Sensei D Grice.
Stockport Little Jags Karate club
Pictures from the 25-06-2017 Black and Brown belt course Kanku-Sho with Sensei D Grice
B/B Belt course all the courses are free to club members 30-07-2017 Bassai-Sho Kata and Bo
Some pics from the hog roast 2018 thanks to sensei moore for running the demo. what a lovely day for the demo.
Pictures from the Kyu grading 07-09-2018 with the little jags well done you little jags.
some pics from the ram roast 2019 little jag's looking good
Class at the brinnington Complex come and give us a try see if you like us first lesson free then £3.00 per session.