Life Leiusure Dialstone Friday night 7.00 till 8.00 pm. All Ages and Family's welcome.

Life Leiusure Dialstone Saturday 4.00 till 5.00 pm. Little Jag's class Sensei M Moore C Moore (come and have fun)

Sunday morning Bramhall Sports centre Seal road 10.00 till 11.00am. just get out of bed and come on down have a cupa after training.

With Sensei D Grice 7th Dan Chairman Chief Instructor of the S.S.K.


Training Times with the S.S.K.

Lapwing Centre Monday 7.30 till 8.30 pm. With Sensei D Grice. 7th Dan Sensei C Moore 4th Dan All ages and Family's welcome

Specialist Little Jag's class catering to the specific need of junior members, the class combines discipline of karate and also a fun element. each session is run by three senior instructors with the assistance of our younger Dan grades. to encourage the children to progress and gain confidence we hold regular grading's and also competitions which in turn gives the children confidence both in karate and every day life. Parents my stay and watch their children training if they wish and also watch them grading. parents are also welcome at the competitions All competitions are free to all S.S.K. students.

Bring your child down to the club. the first lesson is free and watch howe the class is run



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